Transitional provisions for Asbestos Management Plans:

Workplace PCBU’s have until 4th April 2018 to have prepared or reviewed Asbestos Management Plan

Person Conduction a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

Asbestos Registers:

Asbestos Surveys Environmental will produce an Asbestos Register once ACM is confirmed in a building. It’s important that your Asbestos Register is kept onsite to inform those parties contracted to work on your building, (consultants and contractors) of the presence of any ACM. This will ensure that they can take the necessary measures required to contain any contamination of the building or areas where the material exists as a result of disturbance or damage.

The Asbestos Register is a live document that we, in consultation with our client, will update as material is identified and removed from your building or site.

Asbestos Management Plan/Policy:

An Asbestos Management Plan essentially involves forming a policy to provide direction to a Person Conduction a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)  (and those that it may employ) around managing ACM.

With client consultation an Asbestos Management Plan/Policy will be developed on your behalf.

We will:

  • Identify asbestos or ACM (confirmed or presumed)
  • Set out our decisions and reasons for managing asbestos
  • Define the procedures for detailing incidents and emergencies relating to asbestos
  • Agree schedules for on going monitoring of ACM
  • Advise parties that may work upon or occupy a building about the asbestos management plan and the decisions that have been made in relation to management of material
  • Ensure a copy of the plan is readily accessible on site

Risk and Management Assessment:

In situations where we identify asbestos, we will complete a Risk and Management Assessment, This will provide you with site-specific, risk-based data for the working with, or removal of,  ACM in advance of works and will include suggestions of possible methods of treatment.

Reviewing Contractors’ Method Statements and Plans of Works:

Asbestos Surveys Environmental can review contractors’ site specific methodology and plans of works to ensure these comply with both legislative requirements and best practices. This will provide you with confidence that the work is going to be completed in a safe and compliant manner thereby protecting you form the onerous implications of not doing so.

Monitoring of Asbestos Removal Works:

Asbestos Surveys Environmental are often engaged to monitor works during the removal or treatment of products to ensure the correct procedures are followed, so that no one is inadvertently ‘exposed’ to asbestos. Engaging us in this role is your insurance policy to ensure the work is carried out properly and in accordance with previously agreed methodology and Site Specific Plans of Work.