What’s involved in an Asbestos Survey & Why is this required?

With the new Health & Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016, which came into force in April of the same year, the identification of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is compulsory before any demolition and or refurbishment work can take place.

These regulations not only include commercial and industrial buildings but also residential buildings (homes).

Person Conduction a Business or Undertaking (PCBU):  
The regulations identify a new role of the PCBU or “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking”. The PCBU will be responsible for implementing the new safety measures around the control of asbestos in the workplace.  The precise definition of a PCBU is open to interpretation and in many cases, a single building or business will have more than one or even multiple PCBU’s.

What needs to happen?
Unless the PCBU has already identified and recorded the location of asbestos in your building then in summary, under the new draft regulations they have a duty to:
•    Indicate the presence of asbestos in the workplace.
•    Locate asbestos and asbestos-containing material (ACM) at the work place.
•    Prepare and keep an asbestos management plan.
•    Prior to demolition or refurbishment, to identify and remove asbestos and ensure emergency procedures are developed and adhered to.

Workplace PCBU’s have until 4th April 2018 to have prepared or reviewed an Asbestos Management Plan.

Survey Process Flowchart

Management Plan Information